Working with organisations from around the world CommsPartner are able to select and promote the best of breed applications, hardware and deployment partners in addition to design and build custom applications.


These are just some of the many "Best of Breed" solutions delivered by CommsPartner and our channel partners.

If you have a specific need or enquiry please contact CommsPartner for more information.

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We deliver best of breed Products & Solutions.  Here are just a few of them:

Digital Pen and Paper Solution

PaperIQ are Winners of the Anoto Golden Pen Award, acknowledging that PaperIQ are world leaders in Digital Pen and Paper Technology.

As an Anoto PLATFORM Provider PaperIQ is different to other pen based solutions you may have heard of in the past. We are the appointed distributors in Australia and New Zealand in addition to working very closely with PaperIQ on larger international organisation's enterprise deployments and test projects around the globe.

Voice, Pictures and GPS integration to written forms.

 PaperIQ Digital PenPaperIQ digital forms users may now take advantage of voice note and image attachment to completed forms. This allows additional voice annotation to be added to a form or a picture captured using the camera built-in to a  Smartphone to be linked to a form including the GPS location the notes or images were taken to allow enhanced customer service or tracking opportunities in sectors such as logistics, medical, sports, financial, field service and many others.


CommsPartner Working With  Telco For Business to Form


ICT For Business a Premium ICT Organisation offering AU customers a full suite of ICT products and services who specialise in working closely with PaperIQ to design and deliver forms and workflows for PaperIQ and DevelopIQ deployments.

ICT & Telco For Business offer Forms Design and PaperIQ Deployments in addition to:

♦ Mobiles
♦ Wireless Data Cards
♦ Smart Phones & Applications
♦ Mobile Accessories
♦ Fixed Lines & PABX Systems
♦ IT Maintenance and Consulting

Telco For Business, have many synergies with CommsPartner and jointly work as ICT for Business to Deliver PaperIQ Designs and deployments. Together we believe in building strong relationships with clients taking a consultative approach in business dealings to ensure a seamless transition from old to new providers and  technology.

CommsPartner work closely with client's existing service  providers as we understand serious businesses savings come from enhanced quality solutions that offer high ROI.

Applications & Application Development.

Application Development.

CommsPartner offer the development of custom, consumer retail and enterprise grade applications for smartphones, tablet and PC.

Bespoke and modular developments.

Application Beta and ROI feasibility studies.

Mobile and console based entertainment and lifestyle titles of the next generation utilising WiFi, GPS , LBS , point of presence and much more for solo or team based activity.

CommsPartner are able to advise on mobility applications and facilitate build & test of a wide range of applications and entertainment products.

We have partners, interests and IP in a number of applications, lifestyle, media and entertainment (mobile, console and PDA game and media) content that seek globally based partners.

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